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May 2005

Sitting at the airport and watching all the cell phones go by with people attached, talking, talking. Listening to the moving walkway: "keep walking, keep walking"....lots of time to consider the concept that we are survivors. We made it. We are the ones who caught the sperm. We are the ones, carrying our coffee and fast food, eating too quickly to worry about taste. We are the survivors. We made it.

So why not stop to ponder our good luck? Stop and smell the flowers...oops, they are artificial or we are allergic...

I sit and watch the parade of survivors and I marvel at the strengths I see. The laughter, the kindness, the moment of recognition of another life, the sparkle in the eye, the kindness... it has always been the kindness that has touched me. The kindness of the sun to rise again. The kindness of Life to urge again. The kindness of my heart to try again. The kindness of Breath to give again.

I will go back to Echo Valley, a bit worse for wear. Yet the kindness of the animals, so willingly grateful for the care they receive; the kindness of the stars, still happy for a dark place on Earth for them to shine; the kindness of the trees, the water, will greet me. The freshness of spring will dance around me, and I will rest again. And I will try again to not forget, the Kindness.

Echo Valley Farm is quickly moving to full bloom. And you are welcome, as always, to find rest and Beauty there.

As we go forth, there is one more acknowledgment, one large 'Thank You' to the person who has been and remains a champion of the heart. To someone, who for the past thirty years, has reminded me of the sweetness of life, has encouraged my discovery, and has helped me choose clarity and freedom, over confusion and doubt. May his message continue to ring out, inviting all to the discovery of the heart, to the peace within.

Thank you, Maharaji.

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