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The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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September 2005


As a people, we are being faced with a changing time. Oral tradition refers to this time as: the world as we know it will end. Many want to call it the end of the world, but visionaries recognize it as something else. The end as we know it.

We have unlearned ourselves into great dilemmas. Many of us have grown dependent and no longer know simple ways to grow food, keep clean, safe. As we have trusted systems that were unworthy of our trust and they abandon us, we are abandoning our children. Hope is challenged.

Money given to systems that are dysfunctional will not necessarily reach those in need. The woundedness that will result from the abandonment experienced will take time and energy to heal.

If we are to make contributions that will be lasting, if we are to truly help and not just feel good that we "did something", we have to seek out those who are the true care givers to those in need. They need and deserve our support.

We must seek out the churches, the hospitals, the organizations who are compassionate and universal.

We must support in word, thought, and deed those who are on the front lines. They are being taxed as never before, and when hope is shaken the foundation of effort will be shaken as well.

I heard a nurse on CNN call in from a hospital, begging for help. When she started to cry they cut her off. We don't like it getting personal. But personal it is.
Each death, each hungry man, woman and child, needs to be a personal wake up call.

We must remember Hope Dies Last (Studs Terkel's great novel) and we must be harbingers of hope. We must carry that torch and keep it lit. It must be our personal commitment.

To those on the front lines. We must make sure they are well cared for. For those living in the surrounding areas, we must ask you, open your hearts, open your homes. Don't turn your backs, and we must be ready to help you help them.

When I heard the buses went from New Orleans to Texas, I was shocked. Our "Long Walk"?

There is no time to wait and see how this movie will end. There is no hero coming to save the day. We are writing this one as we go, and those who have the eyes to see must act. In unity. With vision. With love and hope.

Never give up hope.

Volunteers from TPRF, the organization through which Prem Rawat spearheads significant humanitarian initiatives, are currently exploring the best ways to bring relief to hurricane victims most in need.

Your donations to this humanitarian initiative are most welcome:

As we go forth, there is one more acknowledgment, one large 'Thank You' to the person who has been and remains a champion of the heart. To someone, who for the past thirty years, has reminded me of the sweetness of life, has encouraged my discovery, and has helped me choose clarity and freedom, over confusion and doubt. May his message continue to ring out, inviting all to the discovery of the heart, to the peace within.

Thank you, Maharaji.

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