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November 2006

As we move into our fifth year...

Over the past six months two additional farms have been purchased by friends of Echo Valley giving us an opportunity to create an organic co-operative in 2007. This will allow the co-operative to farm over 100 acres, with additional pasture land, barns, and forest.

With the creation of the co-operative we have the opportunity to offer internships and residency programs in sustainable living for adults and youth.

As many of you know, we have also launched Echo Valley Hope, a charitable nonprofit dedicated to sustainability, disaster relief, and the eradication of hunger through education and hands on effort. In September 2006, we hosted a benefit concert, "Widening the Circle" raising over $1000.00 for international and local nonprofits with similar goals. In August 2007, "Widening the Circle" will follow a two day sustainability conference. Visit our new website for additional information:

Echo Valley Hope will also offer scholarships (to those in need) for classes in sustainability green building, community building, as well as offer funds for disaster and hunger relief. Your financial support is welcomed and needed. One effort underway is to help create a sustainable organization on the Navajo reservation. The focus is to help people help themselves with the purchase of equipment for weaving, shearing, carding wool, and animal husbandry needs. This "sister" organization will continue to help us as well, teaching us age old techniques of animal care, weaving and more.

The need for the conservation of land is growing as developers are discovering the area and weary farmers are seeking relief by selling off farm land. We are actively seeking out and welcoming investors and would be farmers to help us conserve the land in the surrounding area. We are also hoping the movement to conserve land continues to grow throughout the states and are happy to offer tips we have learned, and are eager to hear from others working toward this end. How many shopping centers do we need?

As for classes in traditional healing
, we continue. Please see the web for new offerings in Flower Essence classes with Dolores Diaz, and "Beyond Psychology" with Jan Kenyon. Our commitment to preserve and promote this form of healing is unwavering.

The goats and sheep are healthy and pregnant with kids/lambs due January through April. We thoroughly enjoy them and enjoy watching our guests enjoying them...the gift that keeps on giving. Our original three goats from Heifer International, Blondie, Lucy and Susie, are Grandmas now and by 2008 we will be ready to start giving goats back to the program - helping others to begin to farm and self sustain.

As you can see, it has been a bit busy here. The circle is widening and we will continue to enjoy, to flourish. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who is contributing to this effort in any way.

As always, you are welcome.

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