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February 2008

I've been watching three deer come closer and closer to the barn. They are starving. Snow covered ground since the first of December, got a lot of us dreaming Spring. I've placed food near-by, but they can't seem to smell it and they do not leave the perfect track they have made, the perfect rut they walk in. Tomorrow I will cross the barbed wire someone erected and put food on their path.

There's a lot of talk about hope these days. Talk about hope is good. Growing corn is better.

Talking about hope is a lot like reading a menu when you're hungry...not quite satisfying. Me, I'm always hungry.

Guess that's why I like being on a farm. Know where my food is...

All this talk about hope got me really hungry.
Are you hungry?
Know some hungry people?
Ready to grow corn?

Bring those kids who have forgotten where milk comes from. Bring the old ones who remember. Bring the ones who like the dirt, and the ones who aren't sure.
Spring seems so far away, but it will surely come, and there is corn to plant.

I cannot think of a more singularly hopeful act right now than growing corn. I'm not talking ethanol. I'm talking about going Green and feeding people, Talking about buying land to steward, so kids will see the stars in a few years. About sustained organics so "techno" food will be seen as a fleeting (and very bad) idea. Talking about saving the water, not just passing laws about it. Talking about saving seeds and ending hunger. Talking inner city gardens and solar heat to keep us warm. Talking the end of plastics and leaving oil in the ground, so our kids can come home.

All the talk about hope has me real hungry.
Are you hungry?
Know hungry people?
Let's grow some corn.

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