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The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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April 2008

Do Not Let Anything Get in the Way of Life.

When the Conquistadors came to the Americas the indigenous people remained fractured and were unable to stop the upheaval and annihilation that occurred.

Today we face a new kind of conquistador. We face the conquistador of fear and ignorance. The dialogue of war remains. The dialogue of peace is often fractured and unsure.

We are told peace will come, wait patiently. And in waiting we forget our great allies: courage, clarity and human dignity born of Love.
We are asked to hope, but when we give our Hope to that which is changeable, it will surely be dashed.

Perhaps we face the darkest of hours, and yet, without a doubt, this is the time of greatest Possibility. And for those with the eyes to see, and the longing to soar above the clouds, this is the time, this is our Time, and we must rise to meet it.
There is a Hope that is not dependent on anything.

A dear friend once told me, "Do not let anything get in the way of Life." As fear and separation hurl menacingly around, we must remember: this is our Time.
Stand, as many have stood before, in Love.

"Do not let anything get in the way of Life."

It is Spring, the animals that have survived are actively preparing for their young. The birds sing as though winter was but a moment. The farm animals are joyful in the freedom to run, and I cannot witness their enthusiasm without it resonating within me.

Echo Valley continues. The green house is nearly done, the fields will be prepared, and goat kids will soon be born. You are welcome to the party.

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