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June 2008

Heaven on Earth

There is a story I have heard. The short version goes something like this: Heaven and hell are the same. People sitting around an incredible banquet, but with arms that cannot bend and so they cannot feed themselves…the only difference: in heaven, they feed each other.

There are some who say there can be no heaven on earth. They wait for those pearly gates by and by. There are those who claim this earth is hell, and we are here to break our backs in misery. These concepts, like the small pox vaccination, never took on me. I guess I was born with a resistance to it. And for that I am grateful.

To wake before the sun, to catch the first light of day, to feel the Life I am given, to give way to gratitude…

Yes, I didn’t think this spring could be harder to face than the winter that just passed, but I was wrong.

But it has not taken my gratitude. It has not taken my wonder. It will not take my joy.

Those are my promised gifts, to be with me, regardless of circumstance.

After the “100 year flood’ last August took out our fledgling garden, we chose to plant on higher ground. And with this past week’s “500 year flood” – who does come up with these names? – We watched as the water rose to within feet, and then descended.

Many more have not had the same fortune. Many lives have changed. The path of destruction has cut a permanent scar into the land, but it is my prayer and my hope, not into the heart of the People. This is our moment: is this heaven, or is this hell?

As Echo Valley Hope, Inc. attempts to assess the needs of the People; I am heartened by the resilience. As I witness the Kindness that finds it’s way to those in need, I am proud of my humanity, and recognize Hope, once again, as victor.

This cherished land is my heaven, for it is here on this earth that I am given Life, I know no other. And I pray for the wisdom to hold tight to my joy and my innocence. These are my weapons, my tools. I will go back to the garden, whose soil washed away, and I will try again. And I will encourage others to do the same, and help where I may.

I am here, now, and this is my heaven. And I am grateful.

Please, if you can, support the People of this region by supporting the local farmers, visiting the region (it is incredibly beautiful here), and donating to the charity of your choice.

Widening the Circle, the benefit concert and sustainability gathering, August 2, is more important than ever. Hope to see you there. 

And Echo Valley Farm welcomes Christina Hughes, a magnificent chef and a marvelous spirit. Born in Ireland, there is a bit of mischief and marvel in her stories and a lot of heart in her food...we are happy to have her, and you will be, too.

We'll leave the solar light on for you...until soon.

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