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The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.

September 2008


In this time of transition, Echo Valley reaffirms its position to the people and to the land.
It is not simply a transition to autumn, as we watch the birds begin their migration south.
It is not the transition of power, as we witness the slugfest of sound bites from the political arena.
It is not simply a turn towards “green” awareness and sustainability.

It is in recognition of people who are struggling to feed their families and keep their homes. Of broken dreams, of systems failed. It is in recognition that the human spirit craves More, and of all the Possibilities yet unexplored. And it is in recognition that the condition of fear that grips so many is no longer acceptable.

It is time for the transition the poets have dreamed; the mystics have prayed to witness. It is time for the emergence of Kindness, and in the Hope that drives the effort forth.
It is in recognition of the triumphant human spirit, and our need to be Fulfilled.
And in the Love that surely draws us to itself, patiently and unrelenting.

Every one is needed and all that is needed is close at hand.
The choice to live locally sustainable is to honor the land and the people.
It is a return to simplicity and opens the door to community. We are not invincible islands, as has been naively believed. These are the realities witnessed everyday at Echo Valley, and in kind we respond:

Echo Valley opens its doors to those in need of temporary or long-term housing. Individuals or families that choose to live a sustainable lifestyle are welcome to apply for housing.*

We also encourage those with the means and the desire to steward land: Please consider purchasing land for this purpose. It has been our experience that there are many, young and old, gifted with knowledge and skills related to farming that are looking for the opportunity to return to a simpler lifestyle, and have much to give.

Echo Valley will continue to offer classes in sustainability and current projects include: building a root cellar, outdoor oven, and a few cabins. If you are interested in learning or lending a hand, you are welcome.

It is not utopia that we seek. There is no utopia in watching a flood take over your crops, or having an animal die. It is a return to simplicity, to human integrity. To be given a chance to match brain and brawn and to enjoy the fruit of your labor. To know that those you love are fed and warm. To choose to live, clearing a path for something Great, within and around us.

This is the hope of Echo Valley. This is the effort.

We will continue and you are welcome.

Echo Valley Hope, Inc, the educational and charitable non-profit continues to help others, with your help:

Thank you.

*Drugs and alcohol abuse cannot be tolerated.

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