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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.

December 2008

Wishing you a heart fulfilled, a life enjoyed and the sweetest of New Years.

We have had quite a wonderful year here at Echo Valley.
Thank you to all who came to lend a hand, and to those who signed on to get the news. Your support and kind words are welcomed and fuel our efforts.

I am eager to share with you a new initiative from the non-profit, Echo Valley Hope, Inc. It is called Farms Link People:

The idea is to help unite farms, farmland, and people who want to farm, with or without experience. It is based on the reality that we have witnessed – that people thrive in community-supported efforts of farming and community gardens and in the very real need that we all have to enjoy good quality and nourishing foods.

The dance of co-operation and the amazing outcome of our united efforts have been wonderful to witness. In this time of great uncertainty, it has been a relief to be simple.
We welcome you to discover your green thumb, we welcome you back to the land, and we welcome you to the delight of growing your own food and having enough to share with others. We welcome you to stop the cycle of hunger by planting a seed. We welcome your enthusiasm, your skills and your innocence.

We welcome 2009, in trust, with hope and ready to grow!
Let us dream big.
For those who feel the tug to go back to the land: Keep in touch.
We are beginning…

And if you find yourself with some time and want to share a good meal and surrounding beauty, Echo Valley waits for you, and you, as always, are welcome.

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