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The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.

March 2009

It has been a long, long winter. Nature did her part, which taught us a lot about community and simplicity. This endeavor of Echo Valley is stronger for it, and the people more committed to helping bring sustainable change.

As the markets, the banks, IRA’s, peace treaties and all the rest fluctuate and tumble, we as a collective, as a society, have choices to make. Will we continue to place trust in false hopes; will we allow ourselves to be crushed by dashed dreams? Or can we find a way out, without compromise, without loss?

As a weaver, I have been taught, to always find “a way out.” The way out to me now has never been more certain. I have been fortunate enough through the years to find those who cherish the greatest gifts we all share: love, courage, trust, hope – and to honor and hold these gifts with gratitude. And I am most grateful for the Peace that has found me.

As we go forward with gardening, building, and other sustainable efforts, I am certain the glue that will keep it all together is the unrelenting trust (to stay) in Peace. A while ago I wrote that we are not merely survivors, but “flourishers”. I stand by that.

We welcome you to all that is offered here. This year Echo Valley Hope will be building a straw bale building, starting a community garden, and of course will host “Widening the Circle” benefit concert and sustainable gathering, July 31 and August 1. We will also begin to offer a series, Words of Peace, by Prem Rawat.

Come and visit. A new cabin is about to be built, and another one is available to guests. A few new friends and 4 mules will soon be added to the Echo Valley team. Wishing you well and hope to see you soon.

The USDA has proposed a rule to require all farms and ranches with animals to be registered in a federal database. It sets the stage for mandatory NAIS animal identification. While great on paper, the costs to run this program will eliminate the majority of small farms operating on a shoe-string budget and allow agribusiness to continue the practices that inadvertantly produce disease in our animals.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Submit comments to USDA online or by mail. The comments must be received by USDA by Monday, March 16, 2009.

You can submit comments online at the USDA's official site:

Or online through the Organic Consumers Association's system at:

You just won’t let me sleep.
You come, creeping to my window.
I feel your gaze upon me.
I toss and turn.
I cannot sleep.
You wake me, fully, and I look at you.
But that is not enough.
I must rise and go to you.
You are unrelenting.
In the warmth, I go.
In the cold I go.
Your monthly visits
Always surprise and delight.
Sometimes you bring friends with you,
The stars.
Sometimes you come alone, cloaked
In the clouds, moved by the wind.
I take you in,
I know this is a fleeting time,
Our precious time together.
It is so very precious,
My Dear Moon.

-Dena Eakles

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