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May 2009

Seems like the ewes are trying to one up each other on the cuteness quotient of their babies. Sorry no pics this time, you just have to come and see…12 lambs, with nine moms to go.

Surely there will be births this weekend as we celebrate Spring, May 22 – 25. We will be cobbing the round barn (with a few new ideas to help us along), getting seedlings in the ground, taking time for yoga with Jennifer Moore, and if you need the pampering, Denise Urban will be offering massage. 

Our special event begins at 5 pm, this Saturday, May 23, as the musicians come together for a concert. All proceeds donated to this concert will help us prepare for Widening the Circle, July 31 and August 1.

The line-up includes:
The Getaway Drivers
Christine Costanzo
Lee Mancuso of Acoustic Remedy
Alex Siemaszko

Other notes and highlights:

  • June’s Medicine Path dates have been changed to June 12, 13, 14. Please confirm your interest to attend.

  • Hope to see you at the MREA Fair, June 19 – 21. We have a booth, and I’ll be speaking at noon on Sunday.

  • Come visit Echo Valley Hope at the Ricky Byrdsong Memorial Race Against Hate, in Evanston IL, June 28th. We will be drumming for peace and standing in unity.

  • In June and July, we will be creating a building using light straw clay--hands-on learning and a good time.

  • Spring / Summer offerings are too numerous to list here. Please visit the web calendar.

With warm regards as we run with the lambs,

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