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October 2009

HARVEST CELEBRATION – Saturday, October 24

It is 6:45 PM and we just finished taking the last of the harvest – leeks. Tomorrow the sheep will take their turn at garden clean up and will delight in the leftovers. Getting ready for winter, getting ready for spring.

But not so fast – let’s celebrate. Due to un-cooperating weather, Echo Valley Hope is moving the Harvest Fest Concert, Saturday, October 24 (2 – 7 PM) to the Village of Ontario’s Community Center. Three miles from Echo Valley, it promises to be warm and dry.

The concert begins with singer songwriters: Vanessa, followed by Steve Schad and Chrisitine Costanzo. Navan, an Irish trio from Madison, will make their Echo Valley debut. And the foot stomping world rhythms of moria smiley and VOCO will rock the place.

On Saturday morning from 10 am to noon, moira smiley and VOCO (named #1 a cappella group in the U.S. in 2007) will offer a performance / singing workshop. Suggested cost: $25.00
This promises to be a blast.

As always, great hot, local food, good people…with donations accepted for the Ontario Senior Meal Program and Echo Valley Hope.

In honor of the international climate change challenge called for by, we will join the worldwide effort to get the word out and to encourage a fair Copenhagen treaty on climate issues. has chosen October 24 as a day of unity. 350 (parts per million) is the safe upper limit of CO2 in our atmosphere – by scientific accounts we have surpassed that number. Action is needed. Now.

And here is how we’ve been spending our free time: photo montage compliments of Kasia Siemaszko.

Getting ready for winter, getting ready for spring…and you are always welcome.

- Dena Eakles

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