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The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.

November 2009

October and November changed places in the parade of seasons as the freezing rains of October gave way to balmy winds. The straw-clay house was completed, proving doubt to be a useless emotion once again.

On Saturday, November 21, Echo Valley Hope sponsored an event with the founder of the Muslim Peacemakers Team, Sami Rasouli. Sami’s eloquent and compassionate delivery of his own story from celebrity to peacemaker was a simple and profound reminder of our common humanity.

Over the past seven years, he has served as a bridge between his two homes, helping Iraqis and Americans heal. Through the creation of the Muslim Peacemakers Team in 2005, he has opened communication between sister cities Minneapolis and Najaf, and the Letters for Peace project has fostered understanding among school children in both countries. The Water for Peace project enables reconciliation through the donation of water sanitation systems so desperately needed at this time.

Sami’s visit to Echo Valley was another answer to the prayer that this beautiful land will continue to be a place of gathering and a place of Peace. His respect and well wishes for the efforts of Echo Valley Hope are now woven into our own. Our hope and support for his success will be ongoing; and our door will always be open to him and to all those who work for peace. I urge you to review his efforts at

Become a “Friend of Echo Valley Hope”

Echo Valley Hope, Inc. has begun a membership drive for our efforts during the upcoming year, 2010. If you have been touched by the effort, or by the hope, if you recognize the power of many acting as one, if you like to know that your support does count and is welcomed, then choose to become an active member of Echo Valley Hope. Our commitment to educate people on sustainable living and agriculture, to end hunger, to aid people in times of need, and to support the well being of all people through initiatives of peace will continue. Your support has been vital.

We hope for your tax-deductible gift of $25.00 – but any amount is welcomed. Your donation can be made securely through our website at, or checks can be mailed to Echo Valley Hope, Inc. at E14604 County Rd. F Ontario, WI 54651

Let Kindness win!

The Peace Warrior

The Peace Warrior by Dena EaklesI have been heartened by the lovely response to my book, The Peace Warrior. I am grateful for all who have expressed the hope it has inspired and for the wonderful friends I have met through it. The Peace Warrior is a self-published piece and can be purchased on-line at I am also available for book signings and discussions on sustainable living and peace initiatives.

Thank you for your continued support ~Dena

Echo Valley Farm Holiday Cookie Sale

The talented bakers at Echo Valley Farm have begun taking orders. Nearly a dozen varieties of delicious cookies are available, including Classic Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Soft Molasses, No-Bake Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies and more! We're even offering a "Suprise Sampler" of several varieties for you indecisive cookie-lovers. Click here for a full list and ordering information - just $4.00 per dozen!

May the Holidays be joyful and your heart be filled with love!

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