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December 2009, Welcome 2010

In this time of reflection and hope, I am bound to this singular prayer for myself and for each of us,
Let no doubt grow, where only peace should dwell.

As pundits and politicians continue to proclaim the need for war, and even decry the possibility of peace in our lifetime, I find myself more resolute that the time is now for peace.

I recognize that peace must begin with me, and I am grateful for the help that I have and continue to be given to hold fast to that peace. That has been my starting point and will remain my anchor.

From this understanding, Echo Valley will continue, and I am grateful to those who have come and celebrated Life here. This place will remain a sanctity of hope and good will as we recognize our universal similarities and walk in beauty on this precious earth.

Going into this new year, I find myself reflecting on peace seekers who have come before, and I resolve to continue the human effort towards peace.

Let no doubt grow where only peace should dwell.

It is time for the ignorance of separation to be left behind, and it is time for this prayer of Martin Luther King Jr. to be answered:

Somewhere somebody must have some sense. Men must see that force begets force, hate begets hate, toughness begets toughness… Somebody must have sense enough… to cut off the chain of hate … you do that by love. *

For all that we have known, for all that we have accomplished, for all the Good we have seen, perhaps it is simply time to choose…peace. Now.

Wishing you and yours the Best in this New Year,
And hope to see you soon at Echo Valley,

For more on peace within, Words of Peace Global
For more on national efforts to establish peace, United for Peace & Justice
In Wisconsin, Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice
For the efforts of Echo Valley Hope, the nonprofit,
We welcome your support.

* Part of a sermon delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Montgomery, Alabama, 17 November 1957.

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