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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.

February 2010

Greetings from Echo Valley.

Spring cannot hide for long.
That is the sweet inevitability of the passing of winter.
We spend our time planning for the thaw and dream of what can be.
Greenhouse offerings, community gardens, concerts and gatherings... celebrating life.
Enjoy the new blog - and pass it on.
Delight in the slideshows of our latest endeavors.
See you soon.

- From All of Us at Echo Valley

Farms Link People

Please visit the newly reopened website, Farms Link People.

The intention of this site is to foster the creation of community sustained farms throughout North America.
The blog ( will be highlighting efforts of many organizations helping to get people back on the land and encouraging all of us to honor and respect the earth and one another.
Please subscribe and pass the word.

We put up a teepee just before the rains came this January.

Watch our slideshow.

Also enjoy this slideshow of our autumn building project, the straw-clay house. Over 30 people worked on this, learning and having fun. Look for more green building classes through Echo Valley Hope this year.

Echo Valley Hope's Sustainability Classes, 2010

Check out our calendar of classes and events. Beginning in March, we will offer classes on garden preparation and the greenhouse, bread and cheese making, animal and bee care, and much more. Classes are free offerings of Echo Valley Hope.

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