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June 2010


Since last writing to you, I have met wonderful people of heart and feel to champion their efforts here.

It was an honor to be among people representing a collective of 168 Wisconsin organizations devotedly working for peace and justice. The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice ( has for two decades served as a nonpartisan and coordinating force for the movement to end war and to promote economic and social justice, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, prison reform, and immigrant rights. Echo Valley Hope, Inc. intends to be an active participant in these ongoing efforts.

This gathering of spirited people was held in Oneida, Wisconsin, home to the People of the Standing Stone, the Oneida. We were fortunate to witness the sustainable farming community called Tsyunhehkwa (joon hey-qwa) or Life Sustenance.
From seed saving circles to food preservation systems, the Oneida people are ensuring their people are cared for in the most basic of ways – and honoring the earth as they go. The open hearted welcome and their willingness to share such important knowledge with everyone made me feel right at home.

And most recently, in keeping with our mission to support initiatives of peace, Echo Valley welcomed Jigme Norbu and Tenzin Jamyang of Walk for Tibet, as they walked their way from Indianapolis to Minneapolis requesting world peace, human rights and Tibetan independence. On short notice, a lovely gathering was called and members of the Madison Tibetan community ( came to honor the walkers and to share their culture and traditions with us. Young and old, their laughter, joy and simplicity remained regardless of the enduring hardship suffered by their people in their homeland. I was humbled by their stories and strengthened by their courage. Free Tibet.

In light of all I have recently witnessed, I have come away with this:
The human spirit will not simply endure; it will flourish.
Given the opportunity, people will choose Good and rise up among the ash of hardship brought by human hands. We will do this together. Nothing can stop the rising tide of the human heart as it makes its way back to Freedom. We live in an amazing time, with the greatest of help available to us.
To all who live in the appreciation of life, may your heart continue to lead you, and may we each reclaim the heaven that is here, within each one of us.

Stay tuned, spring has just begun. From Fode Camara of West Africa, to the mountains of Tibet… who knows who may yet walk the sweet hills of Echo Valley?

As we continue in our efforts, and as always, you are most welcome.

-Dena Eakles

with Blame Sally
June 5

A unique collective of four distinct voices and musical backgrounds, Blame Sally has forged a compelling and original sound that has earned the band the well-deserved reputation as “Bay Area phenomenon”. Recently signing a five year mid-six figure record deal, the band's spirited, take-no-prisoners attitude is a welcome contrast to traditional folk, and the band has the songs, chops and pipes to back up their toughtalking, clear-minded folk rock.

Visit for more.

Concert is free and donations will go to the TPRF Humanitarian Aid Fund for Haiti.

Echo Valley Hope's 5th Annual
Benefit Concert & Sustainable Gathering
August 6 & 7

Suggested donation of $10 for one day, $15 for two days.
Beneficiaries will include TPRF, Feeding America, and the Wilton Food Pantry.
No dogs, drugs, or alcohol permitted.

Bands: (Click on band name for music samples)
Galynne and MarkOnDrums
The Getaway Drivers
New Territory
Porterfield Rose
Joe & Vicki Price
Steve Schad
Synister Dane & the Disco Cosmonuts
More TBA

For more information and to make a donation to Echo Valley Hope,
or call (608) 337 - 4871.


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