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About the book:
The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Annie Kahn


There was a time when a council of Grandmothers was called to decide if war was imminent.
There was a time when women knew the herbs and the healing rhythms of song.
There was a time when the monthly cycle of blood was honored as the mystery it is,
And a time when menopause was called the "Second Spring".
There was a time when women gathered for support and comfort...
There was a time when the earth was revered.
There was a time we honored all that we took from her,
And did all that we could to remain in harmony.
There was a time we knew we were one people...and then we began to forget.
We are being asked to remember.
The Old Ones are passing.
They hold out their hands.
It is time.

- Dena Eakles, 2000

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