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March 19, 2011

March 19 begins the 9th year the United States government continues its war on the people of Iraq, in the name of the American people.

While we cannot undo the death and destruction brought on by this war, clear thinking people must bring it to its end. People of Peace need to consider the consequences of sitting idly by as those who choose war for our people are the voices heard.

People who believe in war often tell the same lie - peace is not possible - and with this phrase, People of Peace are often silenced. I have been studying this and listening as intellectuals and pundits talk of war, the need for war, the complexity of war, and the impossibility of peace. Sometimes I almost get confused. And then I realize the people speaking have no idea what peace is, or if they do, they have forgotten. It is like arguing that the sun will not rise again, or worse, that it is not needed. This betrayal of peace reduces the "I have a dream" of Martin Luther King to little more than fairy tale. It is a slap in the face of our children, a shrug instead of effort made to do something different. It is convenient. And it is time for this mistruth to be challenged.

I am tired of being defined by people of war. I am tired of the good human name being mired by those who were never taught that temper tantrums are not okay. Yes, the good human name. I am tired of the selfishness and greed default. I am tired of war. And while we are at it, I am tired of people going hungry and homeless...and I am way over drilling for oil, mountain top removal, nuclear fallout and the fear that it brings.

You want to balance the budgets and pay for renewable energy? Bring our children home from war. Let's not stop at Iraq. The peace people of Afghanistan would like their country back.

I am counting on the fact that there are People of Peace who are as weary as I and ready to be heard. They come in all shapes, colors and beliefs. It is time for the voice of peace. It is time for the voice of one people, one planet, doing what we do best, enjoying and celebrating life.

When I ask myself how this will come to pass, and I feel the "doubt maker" eager to destroy what I know is possible, I remember a little story about how a stick is made smaller without touching it. The answer? By laying a larger stick next to it. So, People of Peace, pick up your stick of Kindness and lay it down. We can lay a bigger stick than the one which has been laid before us. It is time.


3:00 p.m. on March 19 to 3:00 p.m. on March 20, EST

Listen to what it is like to live in war-torn countries and about the wish to live without wars. Talk with ordinary people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Yemen, and countries on every continent. You are encouraged to ask questions and join the discussion.

Inspired by the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers, Afghans For Peace, and the Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project.

Look at the schedule to join the conversation. Email to make arrangements to join the conversation.

You can:

  • Call from your mobile or home phone by dialing (661) 673-8600 & access code: 295191#
  • SKYPE: (outside of N. America) arrange to call by sending your Skype ID in an email to ... [more details]
  • Send an email message of support to
  • Text or sms by mobile at +93 7791 84146 or +1 727-248-0308 (001-727-248-0308 if text messaging from outside U.S.)
  • Facebook: Youth Peace Volunteers event: Live Without Wars
  • @LiveWithoutWars on Twitter

Visit Global Day of Listening and the event page


Enjoy this beautiful bread making slideshow without the technical error. Music by Charles Rhyner and New Territory. Pictures by Noho and Meg Novick. A/V by Meg Novick. 


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