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May 2011

Once again in this issue, you will be introduced to individuals and organizations working towards peace. For all of our diversity, people of peace share a common bond. It is a feeling that leads to understanding and lends itself to transformation. Peace is possible.

Echo Valley's 2011 commitment to Peace First is bringing wonderful new friends and new possibilities. You are welcome to come and explore - through our websites, through our events and classes, as a wwoofer, as a guest.

Become a Friend of Echo Valley. Your support enables our programs to continue. Let Kindness win.

May 20 - 22

Helen Bond

Welcome Helen Bond and Fodé Camara of Motherland Rhythm Community back to Echo Valley Farm.
Helen and Fodé will teach drumming and Fodé will share stories of his home in Guinea, West Africa.
Free-will donations will be shared by the nonprofits Motherland Rhythm Community and Echo Valley Hope.

All ages and abilities are welcome.
Click here for the schedule.

Click here for more information on Fodé and Helen.
Click here for a flyer to email or print and post. 


a program of the Iraqi American Reconciliation Project

In January, Echo Valley Hope purchased a water filter for a school of 288 students in Iraq. 
Enjoy these photos of the children with their new water filter at Asia Bent Muzahim Elementary School in Najaf.

Girl Pours Clean Water Teacher Pours Clean Water According to the UN Children's Fund, "Only 30 percent of children nationwide have access to safe drinking water in Iraq, and only 20 percent of people outside Baghdad have a working sewage service."
If you or your organization are interested in supplying a school or hospital in Iraq with clean, fresh drinking water, contact Luke Wilcox at The Iraqi American Reconciliation Project.

Call 605-360-6020 or email luke at 
School Gives Thumbs Up

JUNE 10 - 12

In keeping with the theme of Peace First, there will be time for individual rest and contemplation. There will be opportunities to hear from individuals pioneering new models of community and sustainability. We will have the opportunity to work together as a group on the construction of a cob building, and to share with one another our dreams and hopes and ideas for peace.

In preparation for the weekend, we recommend the book The Next American Revolution by Grace Lee Boggs and the work of Prem Rawat at You can learn about the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership and purchase the book at

Event Cost: Free-will donation to Echo Valley Hope

Click here for local accommodations.

Read the post below

Begin Again

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
- Richard Buckminster Fuller   

As it stands, with a wet and wild spring, the growing season has been shortened and by all accounts, food prices will rise.
As it stands, the markets which control the price of oil seem to care not that the livelihood and the transportation of food to people will be jeopardized by a greed that bows to profit, not humanitarian concerns.
As it stands, we have chosen to support a government more concerned with corporate and militaristic concerns that that of the good will of her people.
As it stands, we have painted ourselves into a corner...   

I really like this quote by Fuller. We can fight the old model - or begin again. We are very much into the creation of a new model. Review our websites and, if this effort agrees with you, become a part of creating something new. Your help in any way is welcomed. Please pass this on to those who may be interested. Spring planting is on and we are eager to grow as much food as possible. Everything we need is at hand. Let's get on with the business of life.    

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Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Nonviolence shared stories from Pakistani and Afghan communities targeted by drones at the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice's recent meeting in Mauston. 

You can listen to her talk via the WORT 89.9 FM website.
This link will play in your browser.
This link allows you to download the audio.


Jason Moon

Thanks again to musicians Jason Moon and special guest Thacia, Anna Stange with partner and VFP member Bob, Galynne & MarkOnDrums, and Roger Wendover for playing a house concert at Echo Valley!

Thanks too, to all the guests who turned out in the snowy April weather to listen.

Click here to enjoy a slideshow of the event.

"Sparkler" written and performed by Jason Moon, photos and A/V by Meg Novick and Kasia Siemaszko. 

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