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The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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April 2012

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller 


Lambs coming in May, apple blossoms ready to bloom, we are ahead of schedule and enjoying every moment of it. The community garden will be tilled this week and a summer of gatherings await. The objective is to flourish and to enjoy and as always you are welcome… 

There is a community growing that knows no boundaries. It does not strictly adhere to any religion, political point of view, race, wealth, or sexual agenda. It is instead aligned with life and with kindness and with honor for the Earth and for her people. And while it may seem a very long shot to some, from where I sit I will place my bet on the possibility of peace. 


While we don’t have cows at Echo Valley, the sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens and mules are surely enjoying the same freedom as these happy cows:

The source of such revelry can be found in Compassion in World Farming, a UK-based organization bringing dignity and humane treatment back to the farm. We wholeheartedly support this effort:


S.O.U.L. (Save Our Unique Lands) is a grassroots organization whose mission is to promote efficient and responsible management of electrical power for the public good, while protecting the natural, social and economic environments and citizens of Southwest Wisconsin.

For the past eighteen months a handful of people have been doing just that. A few of us went to the recent SOUL meeting. We were impressed by the nonpartisan, fact-based encounter. The commitment to protect the land and the people of our region are evident. What is the effort? They are engaged in a relentless request to the American Transmission Company (ATC) for all information regarding the Badger-Coulee Transmission Line to be made public. Currently a proposed 150-mile 345 kV transmission line would run from north of La Crosse to southern Dane County through our pristine area.

These lines are the largest permitted in Wisconsin. They would tower 150-170 feet high, three times as high as the 55 foot Rockton Bridge and five times as high as the 25-30 foot distribution lines along our roads. Right-of-way for the proposed line could be 150 feet wide.

Many proposed corridors through our region are being considered. We believe it is in the best interest of all who live in, or visit this magnificent land to make a stand with SOUL. We are.

Visit their website for details on proposed corridors and on meeting times and locations throughout the month of April and throughout the Southwest region from LaCrosse to Madison.  
Click here to read and sign their petition to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission if you haven't already.

April 14

From 2:00 – 5:00 p.m., the Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice will host an open house for all local residents and organizations interested in collaborations towards peace, justice and sustainable issues. This meet and greet will be held at Echo Valley Hope’s yurt at Echo Valley Farm, and will give everyone a chance to learn about each others’ efforts and to see how we may be able to support one another.
For more information, call 608-337-4871.

Founded in 1991, WNPJ facilitates activities, cooperation and communication among 163 organizations and individuals statewide, working toward the creation of a peaceful and sustainable world, free from injustice.

May 4 & 5

Jason Moon May 5, Echo Valley welcomes back Iraq veteran, singer / songwriter Jason Moon for Bringing It Home, a benefit concert bringing awareness to the issues facing our veterans, to the important activities of Veterans for Peace and to Jason's new nonprofit, Warrior Songs, seeking to help veterans heal. Moon will be joined by singer / songwriter Christine Costanzo and more TBA.  
Concert from 2 to 4 p.m.

On May 4, Gather in Viroqua at 7:00 p.m. (location TBA) for a concert and screening of On the Bridge, a film representing the disturbing aspects of the Iraq war. It seeks to break down stereotypes and stigmas related to PTSD and the misrepresentations of Iraq War veterans through raising awareness about what being a veteran means today.  Moon wrote and performed the soundtrack to the film.

Watch a trailer for On the Bridge here:


Peace & Well-Being Conference in Brussels
For the fourth year, Echo Valley Hope will be celebrating UN International Day of Peace, September 22.
This year, our theme will be "Honoring the Earth and her People."

For inspiration, please click here to watch a Peace and Well-Being Conference that took place in Brussels in November 2011. People from more than 25 countries came together to pledge their individual and organizational efforts to bring peace and to celebrate this International Day.
Here is to making the voice of peace louder than the alternative!

Let Kindness Win

We receive no government grants or corporate funding. We rely on individuals like you for support. With low overhead and all-volunteer efforts, your tax-deductible donations will be applied to programs advancing sustainable living and to promote initiatives of peace.

Echo Valley Hope celebrated World Water Day, March 22, and participated in the the Adventure Project  and TPRF's effort to raise funds to train mechanics to repair broken wells in India. This successful effort will bring clean water to hundreds of thousands of people. Echo Valley Hope donated $500 and raised another $225, supporting one plus mechanic. Thank you to all who contributed.

Our financial goal this year is to raise $25,000 for our educational and charitable work.

Thank you for your continued support.
Special thanks to Viroqua’s One Spirit Rising for their acknowledgement and thoughtful contribution.

To make a donation:

  • Send a check or money order to:
    Echo Valley Hope, Inc., E 14604 County Rd. F, Ontario, WI 54651,
  • Donate online securely through PayPal here or
  • Donate on Facebook here.

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