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July 2012

It is raining. After several weeks of drought the gentle rain has come. Even the frogs respond to the kindness of it.

And that is the point.

In August, Echo Valley Farm will be ten years old. There have been droughts and floods of all kinds. But the foundation of this place, the kindness, remains firm. For those who do not know, Echo Valley Farm will soon be placed into a trust with two other farms, allowing it to remain in perpetuity as a learning center.

Echo Valley Hope, the nonprofit, is seven years old this year. The educational and charitable 501(c)3 has gained a reputation for being on the front lines in advancing sustainable living and for supporting all initiatives of peace, which is its mission.

Echo Valley Farm is funded by the people living here. The nonprofit, Echo Valley Hope, offers free classes in sustainability, benefit concerts and educational events on peace through the support of individuals like you. We do not take grants from corporations or the government, and our efforts are handled 100% by volunteers. Like the rain, it is about kindness.

It is my hope that those of you who are taking the time to read this will also reflect on what Echo Valley Hope has meant to you. If you have come and enjoyed an event or class, or if you simply enjoy the newsletters and find inspiration in the hope that is generated here, please consider showing your support in two ways:

  1. Please share this newsletter or our Facebook pages (Echo Valley Farm and Echo Valley Hope) with your friends. Echo Valley is ready to expand and there may be someone out there who would like to know about this learning center.

  2. Become a financial supporter of Echo Valley Hope’s activities. Know that you are part of a team that is redefining community and working to bring peace and sustainability to all of us.

Each day we gather and set our course for the day. We walk gently on the Earth. We help one another. We have the chance to feel a bit more humility and a bit more gratitude for little things and for some things gone not to return. 

Echo Valley is a thriving place, with or without the rain. It is because we choose it to be so. The guests and WWOOFers who keep coming bring sweet gifts: enthusiasm, curiosity, willingness, oh and yes, kindness. 

There is still much to enjoy here in this season.

And as always, you are welcome. 


THANK YOU... all who have become members of Echo Valley Hope this year, to those liking us on Facebook, and to all the volunteers making our efforts a success. 

Special thanks to The Roe Family SingersMagnolia Mountain Trio and The Tillers for a fabulous benefit for local food pantries, There is Enough. Thanks too, to our kind event sponsors: Hillsboro Farmers Co-op, Royal Bank of Hillsboro, L.G. Nuzum Lumber of Hillsboro, Farmers State Bank of Hillsboro, Mt. Tabor Mill and LaFarge Bank.

Count on another bluegrass concert with these fine musicians and more again next year. 

We want to share our New Year's video, "There Is Enough" with you again.  We think the concept bears repeating.


Prem Rawat, founder of TPRF, will bring his message of peace to Chicago on Thursday, July 19, 7:30 p.m., at the Harris Theater. 

This event is free and you may reserve a seat online at Words of Peace Global. Echo Valley has great respect for the work of Prem Rawat, his message of peace and his humanitarian efforts. Please see our blog on the TPRF website.


Visit our events page for more information.


In two weeks, we will be putting in place the first of three sets of panels. Extensive heat and other calamity slowed us down, but we will not be stopped. We have set the date of Oct 10, 2012 to be completely solar powered. We will keep updating you on this.

Let Kindness Win

Echo Valley Hope needs you. We don’t need a government grant or corporate sponsorship. We need you to become a member and to invite your friends. Why? It is time to raise the voice of peace and it is time for self sufficiency in food and energy production. It is time for healthy communities and for helping one another.

Echo Valley Hope is part of a revolution of understanding and good will that is emerging. We are networking with creative organizations and individuals holding out for the best for everyone. Your support is needed to help fund our educational programs, peace gatherings and to support our financial aid to like-minded organizations and causes.

Your support is also a signal to those who say peace is not possible that it is time to think again.

We are the little engine that could and we are fueled by you. We have set a goal for 680 new members in 2012. We hope you will be one – and thank you to all who have already become members this year.

Membership is a free-will, tax-deductible donation of $25.00 or whatever you choose to give.

To make a tax-deductible donation

  • Send a check or money order to
    Echo Valley Hope, Inc., E 14604 County Rd. F, Ontario WI 54651
  • Donate online securely through PayPal here or
  • Donate on Facebook here.

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