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November 2012

Here is a celebration of life for you to enjoy.

Thanks to Tim Hain, Michael Noho, Jan Kenyon and Meg Novick - and of course to the guests, critters and wild life of Echo Valley.


Widening the Circle is an annual symposium bringing together native and Hmong people to discuss issues of cultural survival and how to implement Act 31, Wisconsin state statutes on American Indian studies.

Echo Valley participants enjoyed this amazing time meeting people determined to reclaim unique individuality, to reclaim culture and to stand together as human beings in respect for one another and the earth. Thank you for allowing us to attend.

Congratulations on your 9th anniversary and for helping so many broaden the awareness of Ho-Chunk and Hmong life here in Wisconsin. Miigwetch.

ATC's Eight Proposed Lines Through Wisconsin

As we to begin to realize that the eight high transmission lines proposed for our state are not only unnecessary (Wisconsin rate payers will not benefit, yet will pay over the next 40 years), we are also realizing we have the power to cause a moratorium on their existence. As Senator Shultz (R) and Senator Shilling (D) call for a meeting of legislators to convene and discuss the true need with the Public Service Commission, the sleeping giant is awakening. And who is the sleeping giant? We are. Each and every one of us that reclaims our power and chooses an energy future that will benefit, not harm, our children's children: we are the sleeping giant.

How can this be? If we allow the lines to be erected without question, we are sentencing our children to 60 years (the expected life of the poles) of the same old and outdated energy system. The money that is being usurped - and Wisconsonites will repay for the next 40 years - could and SHOULD be spent to move to more earth-friendly, more locally-generated energy systems. We could be funneling dollars to locally-generated energy, bringing jobs and money back to local communities. 

As of this writing there are still countless people out East without power from Sandy. Can anyone say Homeland Security? The lines are expected to transport energy from North Dakota eastward, getting more expensive for you folks out East with each passing state...Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania...Cha-ching $$$. The lines will be expensive and not only to Wisconsin ratepayers.

We can turn this around by saying "no" to the high transmission lines and by everyone insisting on locally-grown energy. Are you with us?

Things you can do:
Wisconsin residents can sign a SOUL petition online,
send letters to your senators and if you can,
attend the legislative meeting to be held in Madison (as of this writing, the date of this meeting is not known).

Outside of Wisconsin? Please let Governor Walker (608-266-1212) know you don't want to see the pristine lands of Wisconsin marred by 125-170' towers of power - and, please, work on getting your own state energy plans in order.


Thirty panels are up, and we are learning to reduce consumption and produce more energy than we consume. We do not want to participate in mountain top removal for coal, we hope for the eradication of nuclear power and we have no need for high transmission lines - and we are doing something about it.
Please take time to learn about energy for our earth and for our children.

"The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope."

-Wendell Berry


Photos by professional photographer Michael Noho, Meg Novick, Jan Kenyon and Melody Morrell are now available as high quality prints for you to enjoy in your home. Click here to see and order from the full selection of prints available.

Enjoy a few photos below:

Let Kindness Win

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