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About the book:
The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.



There is a moment of reckoning that comes in each of our lives. For some it is a daily practice, making peace with our actions and choices. For others it comes when we know that critical junctures or death are imminent and we think, "I better get my life in order."

Regardless where you sit on the spectrum, we are all in this together.
And it is hard to deny that our collective humanity has reached a moment of reckoning.

We cannot reclaim our humanity if we don't recognize it has been lost.

At Echo Valley we believe that there is a very real need to reclaim our humanity, one heart at a time. We strive to respect ourselves and keep in right relationship with the land and one another. We believe in the possibility of peace - inside and out. We recognize this great turning takes great effort, but it is the kind of effort that makes one smile inside knowing, "I can do this!"

We celebrate living and we welcome you.


Take a video walk with us to see how things happen at Echo Valley.
Big Thanks to all who participated in 2015. Much love...

In 2016, we will continue to welcome volunteers, WWOOFers, slow travelers and guests for short or long term stays. And now we are happy to introduce our paid internship program. One person per month from March to October will be this year's limit as we grow our fledgling sustainable farm businesses.
Interested? Contact us.


Peace gatherings will continue in 2016. If you are interested in proposing an event to bring people together for conversation and good will, contact us.

Human Dignity 2015
Over that weekend, we hosted Tawana Petty of the Boggs Center, Detroit, and the great, feel-good music of Chicago's The Remedy. A lot can happen over good food, good conversation and good will!

Here is The Remedy performing at Echo Valley.
(The video is a bit shaky, but the voices more than make up for it.)

Widening the Circle 2015
Thank you to so many of you who contributed your talents and your efforts making this family friendly celebration a lasting memory. The hills resound with your music and we look forward to having more. Maybe one day the dream of a singer songwriter festival at Echo Valley will manifest!

10th Annual Widening the Circle Concert


Paris Climate Talks
After twenty one years of trying, it seems the world "leaders" are still in a quandary over what to do about climate change. As talks proceed until December 11 in Paris, perhaps it is time to give a new round of leaders the opportunity to sit at the table and put real solutions before the world.

Take time to read and understand indigenous people's perspective on climate change. Take time to connect the dots between Syrian and Iraqi people seeking asylum and other people being driven from their traditional lands by force or ecological upheaval. Read and understand and then help others understand.

Sign the Pledge to Resist Fear and Hatred

"History teaches us that, when people take action together, love can win out over hate."

Read and sign the pledge here:


I guess I have too much time and too much passion to sit quietly watching fear and ignorance grow. So I began a blog with hopes that you will enjoy it and will participate in a conversation addressing these human violations at their core. Let's keep the conversation alive.

Best wishes,

Let Kindness Win. (


Navajo Weaving with Jan Kenyon
January 16 & 17 and February 20 & 21
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Echo Valley Farm

All skill levels welcome. Tools available on loan.

Watch for our maple syrup time!
Late February - March

Visit the Echo Valley Farm calendar page
or RSVP on Facebook!

"Peace is the Focus; Sustainability the Action"

EVHEcho Valley Hope is an educational and charitable 501(c)3 raising the voice of peace and sustainable living. Echo Valley Hope's mission is to support the well-being of all people and the earth through educational events and collaborations with like-minded organizations. All who advance kindness, innovative and just actions and ideas are welcomed.

In 2016 we will continue into our second decade. You can find our efforts here. We are funded by individual contributions and we are a 100% volunteer organization. You can support by volunteering or by contribution. Thank you to all who participate.

"Intentional human beings living in community"


Echo Valley Farm is a community sustained, for-profit farm now in our 14th year. Created to give people a chance to learn from the land and one another, the farm has transitioned into a sustainable organic farm consisting of three properties and 200+ acres, a licensed commercial kitchen, and a wood shop including a portable saw mill.

We are becoming sustainable by holding people and the environment before profit, and by putting personal peace as the foundation of community. People are welcomed year round through WWOOF, Help X, Slow Travelers and other volunteer programs or as guests. In 2016 we will begin a paid internship program from March to October.

In this upcoming year we are focusing on creating tiny houses and building a walipini, or underground greenhouse, as well as continuing to expand our gardens, herbal and tea production and other sustainable farming practices.

We have room for full- or part-time residents. If creating a new model of community in a rural environment and maintaining collaborations with like-minded people throughout the world is an exciting prospect to you, consider a short term stay. We are growing.

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