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About the book:
The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.


No Time For Desperation

In a world seemingly full of madness, wisdom tells us to find shelter. Many are actively engaged in creating new models and new possibilities of coexistence. Echo Valley is founded on the premise that we are born for beauty and love, nothing less. We seek like- minded people and actions and share them with you.
Let nothing dissuade you from celebrating and making better this time in which we live. It is in our hands.

Echo Valley Hope, the educational and charitable nonprofit, will continue to raise the voice of humanity, of peace, and of sustainable living. Help is needed to keep the websites and the programs flowing and we count on your financial support to keep moving on. Tremendous thanks to those who contribute, and special thanks to our monthly supporters - whether $5 or $25 - you are keeping the engine running. Your donation is secure here:

Echo Valley Farm is a community sustained farm and learning center created as a sanctuary for kindness and respect to the land and to the people. We are charting a course based on peace first, consensus, and finding new (and old) ways to co-exist that allows all to flourish. Our fledgling businesses are based on putting people and environment before profit - and they are becoming sweet successes. Help is always needed. Check us out:

This newsletter is full of the efforts of many who are seeking clean water and air, good food and peace for themselves, their families, and communities. If you are not already engaged, please join in the effort to walk away from greed and to honor our humanity. Every drop of effort counts. 

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Yard Sale


October 1 through 9
Fermentation Fest (Facebook)
Monday and Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Booth closed Wednesday and Thursday
Friday - Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at
St. Patrick's Church, S8280 County Hwy G in Loreto, WI
You can find Echo Valley Farm goodies on Food Chain I.

Fermentation Fest

Support for Standing Rock
October 15 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Echo Valley Farm 

Stand With UsWinter in North Dakota can be extreme, but the people of Standing Rock and their supporters will not back down. They need our help. Come and learn about this extraordinary effort to stop the "black snake" - the North Dakota pipeline - and more efforts like this in Wisconsin and throughout the world.

And while you are here, you can enjoy the soulful sounds of Galynne Goodwill and SisterTree - and as always the delicious food of the Echo Valley Farm, Wisconsin kitchens...

There is no cost to the event, but we hope you will help us buy materials for shelter for the water protectors, or you can send donations directly to the Sacred Stone Camp at

There is so much good to celebrate. There is so much good we can still do. Together, everything is possible. Echo Valley Hope is committed to helping the people until the pipeline is rescinded, until oil is kept in the ground. We know it is possible. Let's make it happen.

For more info, visit the Facebook event page or call 608-337-4871.

Rain or shine. Meals: $5-7 / plate.


October 8, 9, 10, 11
International Prayer and Action in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Prayers and actions around the world. Learn more on Facebook.

October 22
Raise a Stink
on the State Street steps of the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. 
Protecting clean air, clean water, good food, and family farms.
Learn more on Facebook.

Raise a Stink

"Peace is the Focus; Sustainability the Action"

EVHEcho Valley Hope is an educational and charitable 501(c)3 raising the voice of peace and sustainable living. Echo Valley Hope's mission is to support the well-being of all people and the earth through educational events and collaborations with like-minded organizations. You can support by volunteering or by contribution. Thank you to all who participate.

"Intentional human beings living in community"


Echo Valley Farm is a community-sustained farm in our 15th year. Created to give people a chance to learn from the land and one another, we are transitioning into a 100% sustainable farm.

We hold people and the environment before profit, and personal peace as the foundation of community. People are welcomed year round through WWOOF, Help X, Slow Travelers and other volunteer programs, or as guests. Contact us.

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