Consider This

Healing the Divide

As of this writing we’re no closer to knowing the outcome of the election. What we do know is that while more people voted for Biden, much of that vote was anti-Trump, not a ringing endorsement of Democrats.

What we do know is that the majority of us do not trust the government or the two parties that currently hold power. We don’t believe the government is working in our best interest.

What we are discovering is that there is more that unites us than separates us. In recent polling over 90% of us want clean air and water, protection of personal data and the right to a quality education.

Similarly, we want to see racial equality, affordable health care and we believe in the right to a job.

The two-party system does not serve us. False allegiance does not serve us. Fighting among ourselves does not serve us. It serves the power brokers of both parties and it serves extreme wealth.

It is estimated that $14 billion dollars were spent on this election – and it is not over.

If you led the nation, what would you do with $14 billion dollars? Feed and shelter the growing number of homeless?  Provide proper PPE for health care workers and provide adequate testing to end the rise of the corona virus?

You with your heart of love and concern for others, what would you do? And if you say, “Yes, we should help one another”, than I have to ask, “Why don’t we”?

And when you say,  “It’s not that simple.” I will say, “Stop following lies. We are more powerful than we think.”


Dena Eakles is the founder of Echo Valley Farm and president of Echo Valley Hope.  If you would like to read more visit her blog Let Kindness Win and follow her on Soundcloud.

Dena is also the author of the book The Peace Warrior. It is available for purchase or you can download it for free.

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